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We are an independent consultancy, specialized in maximizing the profitability of logistics and production assets, with an in-depth vision, which evaluates operational aspects and, above all, committed to generating tangible results for clients.

We have a Brazilian DNA that supports LEGGIO in building recommendations that can be implemented in the domestic market, adding understanding of the marketplace to knowledge about regulatory and tax requirements in the country, at the national and regional levels.

We have developed technical know-how at LEGGIO that has made us a reference in our main areas of activity: Supply Chain, Oil and Gas and Infrastructure. Our studies are cited in technical papers and bibliographies of documents from market and government institutions.


LEGGIO's work goes beyond operations, being able to determine the economic and strategic value of assets and thus assess logistical costs and risks in the operation of product chains in a transparent and impartial manner.


We offer our customers access to the exclusive LEGGIO DATA service, a customized database structured by our BI team, which gathers strategic information from public and private sources.

We are part of the Leggio Group, which brings together business units specialized in their areas of activity, such as supply chain, consumer goods, retail, auditing and optimization technology. In addition to LEGGIO, the group also owns Massimo, a joint venture with the French consultancy Diagma, and represents the EuraCRP® certification brands, the AIMMS® software and Diagma itself in Brazil.


We have a team of experts with extensive expertise in consulting, investment advisory, market analytics and auditing and certification. We lead projects and monitor the dynamics of strategic sectors, such as oil & gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, agribusiness, ports, railways, navigation, utilities and consumer goods.


The LEGGIO team is formed by professionals with academic backgrounds from the best institutions in the country and around the world and is experienced with the main companies operating in Brazil.


The LEGGIO's team members also have complementary skills, the combination enables the constant implementation of new solutions and methodologies.


Marcus Delia

Managing Partner at Leggio Consultancy, responsible for the oil & gas segment, with extensive experience in projects involving offshore logistics, oil flow and fuel distribution. A mechanical engineer with a specialization in production engineering graduated from PUC / RJ, Marcus holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic School of USP with a specialization in Supply Chain Strategy from the Stanford School of Business. He has extensive experience in consulting in the oil & gas sector, having carried out supply chain projects for large companies in the sector in Brazil. He served as an executive for ten years in the auto industry with stints at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Volkswagen Mexico. Marcus' performance also extended to the port operation and mining segments. He has experience in structuring and implementing international logistics chains based in Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. He was responsible for the merger of international logistics operations, working between Brazil and Germany.

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Camila Affonso

Graduated in Production Engineering and Applied Mathematics from UFRJ, with a Master's in Corporate Finance at Université de Bordeaux. She studied specializations in finance at UFRJ and NYU Stern. Currently, she is studying LLM in Business Law at the IBMEC Business School.

A specialist in financial modeling and valuation of logistic assets, Camila has accumulated a track record of more than 50 strategic projects in the most diverse sectors of the supply chain, and has more than 10 years of experience in projects. Camila founded LEGGIO in 2016, and today she is responsible for the investment advisory area in infrastructure and supply chain operations.


Lucas Caetano

Lucas studied Production Engineering at UFRJ, Operations Management at Universität Stuttgart and in 2017, obtained CFx Certification in the 1st MicroMaster class in Supply Chain at MITx. Despite his professional experience covering consultancies, logistics operators and multinationals (Brazil and Europe), Lucas has always worked with supply chain themed projects. At LEGGIO, Lucas specializes in revising the logistics network and has accumulated more than 15 supply chain optimization projects in the most diverse sectors, including fuels, agribusiness, railways and ports. The optimization models developed by Lucas are used by the main associations, institutes and government entities in Brazil.


Fabricio Jannuzzi

Graduated in Production Engineering from CEFET-RJ and an exchange program at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich (Hochschule München), Fabricio attended specializations in Supply Chain Management in the MicroMasters program at MIT. A specialist in optimization and simulation, he has a history of more than 40 projects carried out in the most diverse sectors of the supply chain. Fabricio has more than 10 years of consulting experience. He founded Leggio in 2016 and is today responsible for the Market Analytics area.

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