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Through the combination of technological solutions and market expertise, we have developed LEGGIO DATA, a robust and structured database, which periodically consolidates information about product chains in Brazil, aiding our clients' strategic and operational decisions.

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Quick access to data and information on the LEGGIO DataBase via the web.

Quality of information extracted from various sources recognized in the market, using traceability procedures.

The proprietary data processing and reclassification methodologies developed from experience in consulting projects in the various market segments.

Flexibility to include customer data in the LEGGIO DataBase allowing comparison with market data and specific analyzes.




  1. Standardized product chains

  2. Capacity and use of logistical assets

  3. Performance indicators

  4. Mix of use of modals in chains

  5. Logistical costs of product chains

  6. Demand projection
    and offer

  7. Bottleneck projection



  1. Handling histories

  2. Logistic type of products

  3. Inventory of production and logistical assets

  4. Nominal capacity of assets

  5. Cost parameters and price bases

  6. Macroeconomic indicators

Through LEGGIO DATA, our customers have access to official data from a variety of sources and private databases, which are extracted and processed regularly by our team of specialists.


• National agency data

• Data from international agencies

• Private LEGGIO Database

• Private national databases

• Data from Brazilian government agencies

• Data from national logistics operators

• Relevant facts from Brazilian and foreign companies

• Publications by research companies





We carry out periodic analyzes of all data contained in our database, thus guaranteeing a reliable and up-to-date source of information. The data loading system in LEGGIO DATA is accompanied by ETL procedures specific to each source of information.






The Extraction Process is the automated search for information from its sources and storage in its original format, locally on Leggio's server.


The Treatment Process prepares the information for storage in Leggio's knowledge base through comparison, standardization and data selection procedures.


The Loading Process stores all the information treated from all data sources in a single system, allowing the generation of queries encompassing data from different sources.


The Publication Process involves the systematic and periodic availability of information for access by the client, whether consulted in a data set (DataSet) or indicators (Dashboard)




Local Server at Leggio


Access only via the local network by the specialized team. There is no remote access or alteration of data on the Leggio server by customers via the web or Dashboards Backup of the dedicated cloud information.



Publication of Dashboards in the Cloud


Leggio Dashboards can be built on Power BI or Spotfire. Leggio uses the cloud service offered by the dashboard provider itself. Providers guarantee high availability and security of access.



Full web access


The customer can access the dashboards on any device connected to the internet. No prior installation is required. The data is updated on the customer's dashboard as soon as the Leggio team finalizes its treatment processes. The Dashboard allows the customer's interaction through the combination of filters in the data.


The Data Set is a data set in a report format that consolidates the information extracted from LEGGIO DATA.


The Dashboard will allow the customer to define a set of indicators that will be calculated monthly from the DataBase Leggio.


The Insight Report will present analyzes considering the Dashboard indicators and the impact on the customer's decision drivers.



The Insight Report presents a consolidated view of the indicators of greatest interest to the market at the moment, indicating their impact on the main decision drivers of the client.

Each customer's demand is assessed and each product is developed with the chosen configurations.




The Dashboard will allow the customer to define a set of indicators that will be periodically calculated and published on a BI platform on the web. The platform allows the application of predefined filters to execute specific queries.




Set of consolidated data that generated the indicators, made available in the form of simple tables and dynamic tables (excel), allowing the customer to analyze the data.




Traceability information of published data, sources, date of extraction and any adjustments, inclusions or exclusions made.


Data Intelligence is one of our specialities and permeates all of our areas of expertise:

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