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Based on the experience of hundreds of Logistics Infrastructure projects carried out, LEGGIO Consultoria brings together in its portfolio methodologies already attested by the market, capable of serving different sectors, always considering the economic and social results of each initiative, be it job creation, increase income, environmental impacts, among others.


Based on the know-how of years of serving the private sector, which covers different sectors of the economy, we offer the public sector an assessment, at the same time national and regional, guaranteeing a specialized vision with the necessary adaptations for each LEGGIO methodology.


Our projects are composed of specialized analyses, with multi-scenarios and technically effective in evaluating the investment. The transfer of knowledge from the private sector and the development of methodologies aimed at the public, guarantee an even more complete and assertive analysis with regard to the dimensioning of the economic, social and environmental impact.



Strategic planning

  • National and State Plans for Logistics and Transport

  • Logistics and Transport Master Plan

  • Port Master Plan

  • Land Zoning Plan

Urban Transport Planning

  • Urban Mobility Plans

  • Sustainable Transport Policies

  • Vehicle Emissions Studies

  • Public Transport Planning

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Infrastructure Concessions

  • Technical, Economic, and Environmental Feasibility Studies (EVTEA)

  • Demand Studies

  • Revenue Projection

  • Tariff Policy Assessments

  • Financial Modeling and Business Strategy

Railway Infrastructure Projects

  • Potential Market and cargo capture in the logistics corridor

  • Technical evaluation for railway interoperability operations

  • Logistic cost analysis by stages and service pricing

Road Infrastructure Projects

  • Technical, Economic and Environmental Feasibility Study (EVTEA)

  • Demand studies

  • traffic simulations

Port Infrastructure Projects

  • Potential Demand by Product Chain

  • Competitiveness Assessment of Potential Locations

  • Modeling and Simulation of cargo capture

  • Sizing of area, storage and equipment

  • tariff strategy

  • Integration with high volume modals

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