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With more than two thousand products, very specific and rigid transport rules, the chemicals and petrochemicals sector has a unique complexity and requires specialized knowledge. In addition to understanding the impacts of regulation directly on the operation, we have a deep understanding of the sector's needs.


For this reason, at LEGGIO we develop projects that range from the transport strategy to the distribution networks, including inventory parameters, storage of dangerous products, and other unique strategies.


Our studies in the segment support dialogue within the industry; and also, communication of sectorial needs of infrastructure and regulation to the spheres of government.


In a sector with so many particularities, it is essential to have qualified and specialized advice to obtain accurate and complete information before an investment decision.





  • Supply chain strategic plan

  • Competitive analysis of modals

  • Network planning

  • Pipeline and maritime transport

  • Ground transportation

  • Inventory management

  • Fleet management

  • Process optimization and cost reduction

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