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In view of the ever-increasing demands for environmental sustainability, agility and digitalization, it is essential to structure operations in an assertive and appropriate manner in each segment of activity. A high level of efficiency depends not only on technology, but also on precise process design, team training and a deep end-to-end knowledge of the value chain.


LEGGIO Consultoria has extensive experience in process planning and implementation projects, supply chain management, internal and external logistics. With a global perspective, ranging from operational to strategic, we operate in the chemical, petrochemical, mining, pulp and paper, steel and metallurgy segments.





  • Strategic plan in Supply Chain;

  • Logistics network planning;

  • Inventory management;

  • Demand projection;

  • Implementation and management of S&OP processes;

  • Implementation of production planning and control processes;

  • Diagnosis of material and supply management;

  • Review of the transport strategy;

  • Routing of deliveries and stocks;

  • Integration with outsourced processes and systems;

  • Implementation of improvements and new processes

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