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To achieve more competitiveness in the gas segment, it is necessary to invest more assertively. The new scenario of the gas market in Brazil brings great challenges for its stakeholders, especially with regard to logistics, since the input serves a country of continental dimensions. With a team of highly specialized consultants and extensive experience in the sector, LEGGIO Consultoria has a technical and in-depth look at the entire chain that involves Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas.


Oil & Gas



One of the main points in the LPG market is its capillarity in the distribution of the product throughout the country. As national production is deficient in relation to domestic consumption, the import, storage and internalization of the product requires a specialized look at the specificities of LPG. In this sense, LEGGIO Consultoria acts by presenting accurate analyzes and projections on the movement of the product in the logistics chain, taking into account the infrastructure and regulation characteristics of each region of the country. With a focus on maximizing the profitability of our customers' assets, we present complete reports with diagnoses of the feasibility of investments for the LPG sector associated with the reduction of operating costs.

Natural gas


The discovery of new reserves and the recent installations of UPGNs for natural gas processing in the country generate the need for accurate supply and demand projections to support investments in this production chain. The operational and strategic planning of the distribution of the product in Brazil, mainly considering customers in the interior of the country, requires precise studies. In addition to expanding pipeline routes, investment in transporting natural gas by road, from a point on the gas pipeline to the industry, can become a competitive advantage.

With extensive experience in the supply chain combined with the LEGGIO methodology – developed exclusively for the gas sector – LEGGIO Consultoria has a highly specialized team, ensuring the delivery of robust logistical feasibility analyzes that support important decision-making.




Natural gas

  • Supply chain strategic plan

  • Demand and supply forecast

  • LNG/CNG demand projection for large consumers

  • network planning

  • Optimal location of CNG/LNG compressor stations

  • pipeline transport

  • Road transport LNG and CNG

  • inventory management

  • Process optimization and cost reduction

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