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For each consulting project carried out, we apply all our expertise accumulated over more than 200 projects in the most diverse areas of the supply chain. The entire experience of the LEGGIO team is at the service of the client, to generate assertive and impartial recommendations, combining technical solutions with financial results.


LEGGIO's consultancy projects are based on the application of technical methodologies, tested in the market, involving specific mathematical modeling to represent the supply chain of each sector of the economy.


The synergy with other LEGGIO areas ensures that the project recommendations, in addition to being technically robust, are easily implemented in real operations. Our projects highlight opportunities to reduce logistical costs, process improvements, needs for new installations and capacity expansion, in addition to supporting supplier management and negotiation processes.


Support to companies decision making, aiming at cost reduction, process optimization, expansion of billing, margins and investment allocation






Side dish

market dynamics


Operational excellence

and continuous improvement


Through customized methodologies which combine supply chain analysis tools and economic and financial models, we have an integrated view of the product chain. This is a relevant differential to support investment decision-making in companies, as, for example, it helps to avoid optimal operational results result in excessive CAPEX and a reduction in future cash flow.


We evaluate logistical assets from a supply chain perspective, considering aspects of competitiveness and economic value in the context of the entire product chain and its possible logistical flows.


In this way, we deliver a free, comprehensive market analyzes, determining the real value of the asset in the current and future markets. In a complementary way, we map and follow all the pertinent regulations to outline current limits and future risks.


At LEGGIO, we have a specialized team for each sector, with customized solutions. Take a look!

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