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Wind energy is already part of the Brazilian electricity matrix, with a 10.6% share in 2022, and has great potential for expansion. However, there are important operational challenges in both onshore and offshore projects.


The construction of onshore wind farms usually takes place in regions far from the component production sites and requires specialized transport, since the turbines and blades are special loads. The assembly of the equipment is carried out in places that are difficult to access, which also requires specific equipment. Offshore parks, whose installation is carried out at sea, may even require the resizing of port terminals to serve the segment.


LEGGIO Consultoria works with logistical planning and cost analysis for the transport and storage of components for the assembly of onshore and offshore wind farms.






  • Special Cargo Transport Planning

  • Special Cargo Storage

  • Cost of Road Transport of Special Cargo

  • Cost of Maritime Transport of Special Cargoes

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