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With a representative production compared to the consumption of natural gas in the country, biogas has great potential for growth, mainly through agricultural residues. However, in order to generate competitiveness for biogas and biomethane, a careful assessment is required to define the location of the plants.


The analyzes point to biogas with a significant economic viability and the best estimated financial return within the renewable segment. But to achieve relevant results, it is essential to carry out assertive supply projections and accurate production cost calculations.


Furthermore, the production of biomethane could be a local alternative for use in industry, competing with natural gas and fuel oil. For an effective biomethane project, it is essential to correctly define its location, specific demand projections and assess its competitiveness against other products.


LEGGIO carries out studies with projections for the growth of the supply of biogas and biomethane, as well as estimates of return on investment.






  • Trends in the biogas market in Brazil

  • Biogas Offer Projection

  • Optimal location for biogas plants

  • Production cost for biogas projects

  • Competitiveness of biogas projects

  • logistics for biogas

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