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The port sector is fundamental for maintaining the global competitiveness of the Brazilian economy as it facilitates the flow of commodities produced here, an area in which Brazil is among the world leaders in terms of supply. In addition, the import of inputs and industrialized products is also essential for maintaining sustainable levels of wealth generation in the country.


As logistical assets, ports and port terminals need to be fundamentally evaluated based on their vocation, their cargo profile and the future dynamics of the markets for these cargoes. Therefore, one should consider the perspectives for growth in the movement of each product chain when evaluating investment in port assets.


Our extensive technical background in Supply Chain is a differentiator for LEGGIO, as we see the port terminal as a link in the logistics chain. This more comprehensive look, and at the same time attentive to the specificities of the sector, considering the competitive environment in which the asset is inserted, allows us to make more accurate analyzes of the role that such asset plays. Thus, the combination of a chain approach with an eye on future movements is what allows us to mitigate investment risks, providing the client with a more assertive and well-founded decision-making process.


Liquid Bulk


  • Potential demand by product chain

  • Competitiveness assessment of potential locations

  • Load capture modeling and simulation

  • Pier sizing and tanking

  • Integration with high volume modes (rail and pipelines)

  • Conceptual engineering design



Solid Bulk


  • Potential market and cargo capture in the logistics corridor

  • Commercial positioning (potential customers)

  • Scenarios for verticalization of players and impacts

  • Identification of complementary land assets

  • Tariff strategy

  • Sizing of area, storage and equipment

  • Conceptual engineering design

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  • Current and future potential market (navigation, ship profile, product chain)

  • Expansion competitiveness

  • Commercial strategy

  • Sizing of port and back area assets

  • Conceptual engineering design

  • Service pricing strategy

  • Port and logistics services portfolio review



General Cargo


  • Potential market and absorption of expansion / retraction projects

  • Asset sizing (load profile for sharing)

  • Specification of transport requirements in the supply chain

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