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The railway modal is recognized as one of the best options for transporting large volumes, with low financial and environmental costs, in addition to having everything to grow in Brazil, thanks to the favorable geography and the enormous potential for agricultural exports in the country. It requires, however, high investments and a long-term vision, which requires accurate methodologies for projecting demand, assessing risk scenarios and an integrated view of the railroad with other modes that complement the supply chains.

For this, at LEGGIO we use robust mathematical models (including simulation and optimization), generating accurate reports that consider everything from the specificities of each type of cargo — such as solid bulk, liquid bulk and container — to the regulatory framework and the entry of new projects structuring.


The result is a complete and accurate model for evaluating the viability of using and investing in the railway modal, which still serves as a basis for locating new terminals, supporting important investment decisions.


Railway Operators


  • Potential market and cargo capture in the logistics corridor

  • Scenarios for verticalization of players and impacts

  • Commercial survey of customers and untapped opportunities

  • Analysis of logistical cost by stages and pricing of services



Terminals and Assets


  • Competitiveness assessment of potential locations

  • Commercial positioning

  • Service portfolio review

  • Sizing strategic assets through simulation

  • Process redesign and implementation of new technologies and services





  • Evaluation and technical specification of Take or Pay contracts with railway operators

  • Transport strategy and mix of use of modes

  • Sizing for undercarriage acquisition

  • Impacts of uncertainty on railway transport planning through simulation

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