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The current demands of consumers, who value the ESG pillars and want more and more agility, have been causing changes in the planning of the value chain in the Assembly Industry. The challenge, however, is to design an efficient strategy that is also adherent to the operational processes of each production unit.


At LEGGIO Consultoria, we have a broad view of industrial processes and extensive expertise in Supply Chain. This allows us to be assertive in recommending companies that need to improve their processes through the use of specialized software, increase the efficiency of the supply and distribution chain, increase the accuracy of their inventories, reduce their inventory discrepancies and guarantee a high standard of operation. in their warehouses and production lines.





  • Strategic plan in Supply Chain;

  • Logistics network planning;

  • Inventory management;

  • Demand projection;

  • Implementation and management of S&OP processes;

  • Implementation of production planning and control processes;

  • Diagnosis of material and supply management;

  • Review of the transport strategy;

  • Routing of deliveries and stocks;

  • Integration with outsourced processes and systems;

  • Implementation of improvements and new processes.

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