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Constant regulatory changes in the infrastructure, oil & gas and renewable energy represent a challenge for companies. A permanent monitoring of the issue of technical standards by regulatory agencies is able to ensure that operations remain fully consistent with the national regulatory framework and the segment. In addition, structuring a legal-regulatory strategy in each project and in adhesion processes, mergers and acquisitions is essential to mitigate risks.


LEGGIO keeps a close eye on regulatory issues, through specialized legal services in its areas of activity. The objective is to base its clients on good legal management, from planning, licensing and implementation of projects to the analysis of operational and M&A contracts. Our studies and technical materials support the analysis of public notices, BIDs, public hearings, licensing, among other situations.

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LEGGIO's performance in the agribusiness sector:


Crops and Inputs

  • Production by georeferenced culture

  • Production capacity and future projection assessment

  • Forecast of export surplus

  • Balance between domestic and export markets

  • Assessment of the viability of crop migration based on the total logistical cost of disposal


Tradings and Operators

  • Competitiveness assessment of import and export corridors

  • Projection of bottlenecks in logistical assets

  • Positioning of logistical access assets

  • Sizing of strategic assets

  • Identification and projection of the need for large-scale modes

  • Transport strategy

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