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The characteristic of a large producer of agricultural commodities associated with the need to meet high energy demands impose the growth of a highly qualified Biofuels industry in a developing country like Brazil.


In addition to sugarcane and corn ethanol, the country produces ester biodiesel, bioQAV and HVO (green diesel). Consumption is concentrated in transport, both cargo and passengers, and agricultural machinery. LEGGIO Consultoria is highly specialized in the sector and has extensive experience with projects at all stages of this chain.






  • Trends in the Biofuels Market

  • Demand Projection for Biofuels

  • Ethanol Supply Projection

  • Supply Projection for Ester and Hydrogenated Biodiesel (HVO)

  • BioQAV Offer Projection

  • Logistics Master Plan

  • Network Planning

  • Transport of Biofuels

  • Fleet Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Process optimization and cost reduction

  • Supply projection by source and culture

  • Transportation strategy by modal

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