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Hydrogen as an energy source can contribute to a clean energy future by decarbonizing the transport and industrial sectors and replacing many fossil fuels. Hydrogen will be a renewable and resilient energy source to meet zero CO2 emission requirements in the coming decades.


This renewable source has excellent potential for export from Brazil to the world, especially from the Brazilian Northeast to Europe. The country has favorable conditions, such as the abundance of water, necessary for the production process, and clean energy sources, such as solar and wind, which allow the manufacture of green hydrogen.


However, one of the main challenges will be defining the best location for the plants, which will have to consider several criteria, but mainly export logistics, since this has a strong impact on the final cost of the product in Europe. LEGGIO Consultoria accumulates vast expertise in logistics projects, working from end to end of the chains, both operationally and in business strategy, aiming to maximize efficiency and financial results for its clients.






  • Trends in the Hydrogen Market

  • Supply Chain Planning for Hydrogen

  • Optimal Location of Hydrogen Production Plants

  • Hydrogen Supply Projection

  • National and International Demand Projection

  • Ammonia Transport

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