LEGGIO has developed a database that consolidates information about product chains in Brazil, supporting strategic and operational decisions of its customers.

Quick access to data and information available on the Leggio DataBase via the web.

Quality of information extracted from sources recognized in the market, using of traceability.

The methodologies of treatment and reclassification of own data and developed from the experience in consulting projects in the various market segments.

Flexibility to include client data in Leggio DataBase allowing the comparison with market data and specific analyzes.

The Leggio DataBase consists of official data from different sources and private databases, which are extracted and treated regularly for inclusion in the Leggio DataBase.


• National agencies

• International agencies

• Private Leggio Database

• National private database

• Bodies of the Brazilian Government

• Data of national logistics operators

• Relevant facts of Brazilian and foreign companies

• Publications of research companies

The Leggio DataBase is built on four steps that are repeated monthly for data maintenance in our system.



The Extraction Process is the automated search of the information in its sources and storage in original format, locally on the Leggio server.



The Treatment Process prepares information for storage in Leggio's knowledge base through procedures for comparison, standardization, and data selection.



The Loading Process stores all the information handled from all data sources in a single system, allowing the generation of queries encompassing data from different sources.



The Publishing Process involves the systematic and periodic availability of the information for access by the client either through queries in data set (DataSet) or indicators (Dashboard)


Local Server at Leggio

Access only via local network by the specialized team


There is no remote access or change of data on the Leggio server by clients via the web or Dashboards



Dedicated cloud information backup

Dashboard Provider

Dashboard Publishing in the Cloud

Leggio Dashboards can be built on Power BI or Spotfire



Leggio uses the cloud service offered by the dashboard provider itself. Providers ensure high availability and security of access


Full web access

The client can access the dashboards on any device with internet access. No prior installation required



The data is updated in the client's dashboard as soon as the Leggio team finishes its treatment processes



The Dashboard allows customer interaction by combining filters in data.

The Data Set is a set of data in report format, which consolidates information extracted from the Leggio DataBase.

The Dashboard enable the customer to define a  set of indicators which will be calculated monthly from Leggio's DataBase.

The Insight Report analyze the Dashboard indicators and the  impact on customer decision drivers 

Each customer's demand is evaluated and each product is developed with the chosen configurations.



The Insight Report presents a consolidated view of the indicators most relevant to the market at the moment, indicating their impact on key customer decision drivers.



The Dashboard will allow the client to define a set of indicators that will be periodically calculated and published on a BI platform on the web. The BI platform allows the application of pre-defined filters to execute specific queries.


Traceability information of published data, sources, date of extraction and eventual adjustments, inclusions or exclusions made.



Consolidated data set that generated the indicators, available in the form of simple tables and dynamic tables (excel), allowing the customer to analyze the data.



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