Service implemented with methodology aimed at raising productivity in existing logistics operations.

Main results achieved:

  • Identification of cost reduction opportunities;

  • Standardization of logistics processes: warehousing, handling and transportation;

  • Periodic measurement of results;

  • Audits on standards specifically defined for the client; EuraCRP certification.

The EuraCRP® Certification is an audit based on  an international standard  in logistics operators that guarantees the level of service agreed with the final customer

The Supplier Audit represents a structured evaluation of one or more suppliers according to an agreed framework (standard, contract or benchmarking of best market practices)

Leggio's Audit Support will collect, organize and make available the evidence requested in the requirements of standards or contracts with the client

We are in Brazil the commercial, technical and operational representative of the international certification EuraCRP®, pioneer in creating audit and management referents based on the commitments between clients and suppliers.

Some Real Cases

Increase in deliveries on time

Increase in service level

Reduction in billing errors

The EURACRP® seal is present in the world's leading logistics operations. The audits in Brazil are carried out by Leggio in the logistics operations of large companies

Leggio supports logistical operations of the whole chain: it not only audits and prepares suppliers to be measured and certified, but also provides the end customer visibility and control over its suppliers, always using a referential agreed by both parties

Leggio helps suppliers prepare for contractual audits and measurements, structuring a checklist with the set of requirements, organizing the evidence and ensuring visibility into the process



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